My commissions are available on a case to case basis unless said so on personal social media.

You can request via:

-YCH & adoptables are posted and announced on Twitter, FA and Telegram -

‼️Read my T.o.S before messaging me about commissions!‼️

‼️By purchasing any artwork or designs from me, you are agreeing to the terms below‼️
(ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ✿)



  • Fees are expressed in USD (United States Dollars).

  • Payments will always be processed through PayPal.

  • Payments are taken up front.

  • Refunds are available, prior to the colouring phase. A cancellation fee may be charged at artist’s discretion.

  • Once a commission is finished, the payment is not refundable.


  • Drawing will be put into the queue after payment is made.

  • Queue will be worked in a first come, first serve basis, unless a rush fee is agreed on.

  • Adjustments can be done only in the sketching phase for every kind of commission except icons and chibis.

  • Drawings will usually be completed within a month after they’re queued, but they could take up to two months.

  • If you want the drawing to be private or posted after a date, please specify it.

  • Once completed, a final render will be sent to the customer through a drive link.

  • Additional fees apply if you request source files.

  • Client is responsible for storing all deliverables.

  • I reserve the right to refuse ANY commission request for any reason.

  • I reserve the right to make color modifications if needed for a better composition.


  • Reposting is permitted to any site as long as proper credit is given.

  • Commercial use is NOT allowed(If you are interested in acquiring my art for commercial use, please state so and it will be discussed).

  • My signature must be retained, help me as an artist to protect myself from theft.

  • My art is not meant to be traced and/or edited in any way.

  • If you want the commission to be kept private please note beforehand.

  • In order to showcase my work to the world, I reserve the right to use the final image in art books, prints, patreon, etc. In that case, credit for the character will be provided accordingly on the final product without any other form of compensation.


  • I am not great at drawing weapons and vehicles, but feel free to ask.

  • Complex characters, wings and props will be charged extra.

  • NSFW artwork will be charged extra, as well.

  • I work better with female/feminine Ocs!

  • I won't accept minors asking for nsfw art


  • characters of any sex, gender and body type

  • Some fetishes (ask)

  • nsfw (nudity/erotic) /ask

  • furry/anthro/feral

  • humans/humanoid

  • fanart / self-ship


  • draw underage characters in sexual situations, hateful or racist.

  • mechas/ robots

  • complex backgrounds

  • some nsfw (hardcore sexual situations. Like sex, penetration, etc)

chibi✦$15 USD ✦
headshot ✦ $5 USD✦
waist up ✦ $15 USD✦
fullbody ✦ $25 USD feral / $30 USD other ✦

  • Simple background/solid/transparent {detailed BG are NOT my speciality, if you want one regardless of this, please specify and I’ll charge depending on it (: }

  • Nudity/NSFW/complex designs will be charged 30% extra.